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Temperature Mapping Study

The temperature mapping study is a fundamental element for the qualification of cold rooms and/or refrigerated vehicles as well as an essential element for being a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2013, with the introduction by the European Union of the Good Distribution Practices of medicines for human use, all pharmaceutical logistics players must have this documentation. With many years of experience in this field, MdG offers a kit designed according to the needs and dimensions of the customer’s environment that is easy to install. Our staff dedicated to this service follows the study in real time and warns you if something should not be compliant, BEFORE issuing the final report. This saves valuable time and significantly shortens the times. All data is never manually downloaded and remains intact in compliance with FDA 21 part11, but is transmitted via Rfid datalogger directly to the cloud platform without any need for physical data download.

The advantage of being able to manage the entire study via cloud avoids unnecessary risks and travel costs for the personnel involved and significantly increases the cost/benefit ratio for the client. This has meant that we support customers all over the world making us a point of reference worldwide.

What we provide you

  • A kit composed with all the necessary hardware and equipment necessary for the customized needs of the customer
  • The protocols for the correct installation of the loggers
  • The necessary operating procedure
  • A dedicated staff that follows you step by step throughout the entire study
  • A report in line with EUGDP, WHO, FDA and IATA CEIV requirements
  • A stress test (door opening) and a failure test (engine malfunction)


The study can be performed on all types of refrigerated vehicles and containers with active refrigeration by sea (Reefer) empty and in operation.
Refrigerated trucks, Trailers, Vans, Reefer


We can also carry out mapping studies on all cargo and passenger aircraft by positioning our loggers in the various cargo compartments and monitoring certain routes.

Temperature-controlled warehouses

Based on the size and conformation of the environment, our dedicated staff determines the number of sensors needed (in line with the WHO technical report) and prepares the kits.

We carry out the study on any temperature-controlled environment, whether it be pharmaceutical distributors, airports, shippers, small cold rooms or large warehouses.

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